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The Legion

So what is the Legion?

The Legion is our hobby support program for all our organised play and demo events. This is a volunteer organisation that helps provide assistance and expert knowledge of our games for store owners, clubs as well as show organisers.

What is a Legionary and what do they do?

A Legionary is an enthusiast of Myriad Miniatures games who volunteers their time to help promote our hobby. They are a vital component to the success of our ranges and as such are highly valued members of our team.

Legionaries help run our organised play program as well as introducing new players to our hobby through demonstration (demo) games at stores, clubs and shows.

How do I join the Legion?

In order to join the Legion there are a few requirements that must be met first; obviously you'll need a good knowledge of the game system and you will need at least two painted starter strike teams to run demos with and/or provide details of a venue where you will run our organised play programs. You will also be required to have, or have access to, a cellphone or digital camera to provide pictures of your forces, demos and events.

Here you can apply to join the Legion, but in order to do so you first need to create an account and login at the top right of this page.

Legionaries map

Below you can navigate a map of the world showing the approximate location of the Legionaries. For privacy purposes the exact location has been shifted somewhat randomly. Double click to zoom in and click on a pin to see details about that Legionary.

No Legionary in your neighbourhood? Become one yourself! We've only recently started the new program, so there is enough room!



Proconsul/Consul, Head of a region.
Approved Legion member.
Auxilia, not yet approved Legion member.


The list below is sorted by country, first name and last name. You can contact a Legionary by clicking on the name that will enable you to fill out a contact form.

CanadaJustin BorgesAuxilia
FranceGregory CharrierAuxilia
GermanySven WichertLegionary
NetherlandsPatrick ButterworthLictor
NetherlandsPim junior SmitsLegionary
SwedenViktor CarlsonAuxilia
United KingdomDouglas HamillAuxilia
United KingdomJoe RaitenAuxilia
United KingdomJohn HoodLegionary
United KingdomKedric WinksLictor
United KingdomMarc SmithConsul
United KingdomMark BrownLegionary
United KingdomNeil McGregorAuxilia
United KingdomNicholas HallProconsul
United KingdomRoland BerberichDecurion
United KingdomRyan FurlongAuxilia
United Kingdomsteven bonnarAuxilia
United StatesJessie AlmeidaAuxilia