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Gladiators blisters

Exo-Suit Provocator

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This variant is the primary Provocator configuration and, although lacking any fire-power, they are excellent close combat troops with heavy armour making them tough to kill.

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Exo-Suit Provocator w/chain gun

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Based on exo-suit technology, the Provocator suit is a larger and somewhat less complex design, but each suit is a unique and storied piece of hardware, lovingly embellished in bronze and bedecked with trophies. These provide the Gladiator forces with much needed support weapons, the chain gun variant provides excellent short to medium range anti-personnel killing power.

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Exo-Suit Provocator w/flame thrower

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The flamethrower variant of the Provocator suffers from the fact that the castigator flame thrower- like much Gladiator technology- is unreliable, an unlucky die roll can lead to self immolation for the wielder, despite this they are still popular in the arenas and battlefields of Iskandria and provide excellent anti-personnel support.

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Greater Pit Beast

Code: 13235   View Stat Card(s)
The Greater Pit Beast is larger and more fearsome than its smaller relative, though it shares its erratic and aggressive nature. If you're a gambling man then stack up on these bad boys and pray to the red gods for victory.

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Myrmillo Flame Thrower

Code: 13203   View Stat Card(s)
These flamethrower wielding psychopaths can, at times, be more dangerous to themselves as to their opponents, a wrong die roll can lead to a malfunction and self immolation for the Myrmillo. However, more often than not, they are devastating at close quarters, incinerating their foes in wreathes of flame.

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Pit Beast

Code: 13208   View Stat Card(s)

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Pit Beast charging

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Specially bred and augmented by crude cybernetic devices either by design or to repair horrendous wounds suffered in the arenas, these beasts of war are the terror of the battlefield. Barely manageable by their trainers they can sometimes slip their handlers control and rampage; killing friend and foe alike. Great when they work, depressing as your own casualties mount when they go AWOL!

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Rhiannon (Character)

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Rhiannon is the essence of what it means to be a Retiarius. Her incredible speed and skill with the shock lance and net launcher have dazzled the crowds in countless gladiatorial bouts. On the battlefield these skills translate into an enhanced ability to strike first, and fast, and to confer on other Retarius within close proximity her stat for command checks.

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Taurian Howitzer Team Firing

Code: 13219   View Stat Card(s)
So called Taurians for their bull-like strength in man-handling these unwieldy howitzers, they are, however, excellent long-range anti-personnel weapons giving the Gladiator faction much needed "reach" on the battlefield.

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Vulcan w/Riot Shotgun

Code: 13238   View Stat Card(s)
The Riot shotgun equipped Vulcan has a useful backup weapon if his Ironglass Earsplitters didn't get the job done, a hefty dose of shot is a useful deterrent even against even the most persistent of foes.

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