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Organised Play Kits

For Organised Play support we have developed some prize support kits.

Support for a type of event is often divided between a starter set and expansions. You need at least a starter set in such cases and then you can order additional expansions depending on the number of players you are supporting.

Organised Play Kits

You need to be logged in and a member of The Legion to be able to order Organised Play support.

SpecOps "Headhunter" (start set)

Code: OP201
1st, 2nd and 3rd prize medals. These are unique, exclusive and temporarily available for this Special Operation. They come with an Urban War ribbon so that you can hang it around your neck.

Login to check availability EUR 20.00

SpecOps "Headhunter" (expansion set)

Code: OP202
You can expand your prize support for this Special Operation by adding this great T-shirt. One T-shirt per Tournament allowed.

Login to check availability EUR 17.50