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Appendice 9: The Last Millennium

A listing of major events from 2166.01 till 3178.08

2166.01 New Karas Founded

Work officially begun on the construction of New Karas, intended capitol of the new Viridian world government. The city was planned around enormous, self-sufficient habitats dubbed 'solar cities.' The site is situated close to the ruins of 'Old' Karas, which were preserved as a memorial.

2244.10-2245.03 Saurian Sub-Breeds Stabilized

After years of genetic manipulation and controlled breeding programs the first of the basic saurian sub- breeds were pronounced genetically stable. Soon Terrasaurs, Megasaurs (Behemoths), and Struthiosaurs would fulfil a variety of roles in fields as diverse as horticulture, transportation, and law enforcement. One hundred years later Lechteosaurs (Sandrunners) would be developed using a similar process.

2333.08 First Convicts Transported

In an effort to supply the fledgling colony of Ironglass with manpower the Viridian Assembly began the transportation of criminals to the dangerous planet. Employed in construction and dust mining operations such criminals have an estimated average life expectancy of 1.8 years.

2422.07 Prime Discovered

For centuries humankind knew that something strange lay at the very edge of the Viridia-Solaris / Leviathan System, but the reams of bizarre electromagnetic and spectroscopic readings where interpreted as everything from another dead star to an alien artefact. Prime was confirmed a planetoid only after extensive sub-ether parallax readings via primitive xasers where taken from extreme positions north and south of the Viridia-Solaris orbital plane. An expedition under Dr. Marcus Baxter bound for Vacillus was rerouted to explore the mysterious body, and within five years a flourishing colony was established on the planet.

2427.01-2441.10 Vacillus Colonized

VASA colonization of Vacillus begins in earnest with the utilization of new, prefab colony hab structure technologies. Huge resources are poured into the colonization of the ice world, and Himera, the great pan- Vacillian city, slowly takes shape as separate colonies around the planet connect with one another. The period of extreme growth soon ends, but another, even more rapid period of building and immigration occurs at the end of the twenty-sixth century.

2450.04 Neural Spikes Invented

As an outgrowth of their consciousness transference research, Prime scientists discover a neural capacitor capable of monitoring and influencing brain activity. Experiments on human subjects follow. An export model of the capacitor, the neural spike, is soon introduced to the Ironglass colony. The new spike requires no prime obsidian in its construction, and future models were modified to take an explosive charge.

2463.09-2464.06 Grav-Shunting Breakthrough

After years of theoretical dead ends and dangerous experimentation a team of VASA scientists headed by the erratically brilliant Dr. Donat Serjkov successfully send and retrieve a series of robotic probes into several neighbouring systems. VASA waits nearly a decade for the perfection of the technology before announcing its discovery, a technological head start it exploits to the fullest.

2481.02 First Extra-Solarian Colony Established

After a decade of preparation, the VASA Korinski mission successfully establishes a colony on Verdant, a type three world in the Lukius System. In the same year (.08) the Korinski XII colonizer, with a crew of seventy-six and a compliment of twelve hundred colonists in stasis, is lost in a shunting accident, becoming the first ship lost in n-space.

2496.02-.03 Battle of the Black

After years of blockade Viridia launches an assault against the rebelling Prime colony. Comprised mostly of transports and shuttles carrying marines for a ground attack, the Viridian fleet is all but annihilated when faced with fast Syntha AI ships armed with first generation ship-to-ship weaponry. Despite additional, even bloodier deep space battles the Battle of the Black sets the tone for the conflict with Prime and is viewed as the decisive engagement in the First War of Secession.

2528.07 Prime AI Goes Live

The decades-long Mentor Project in recursive non-linear synaptic pathing finally creates real artificial consciousness by harnessing the combined pseudo-neural capacity of the Prime planetoid to write spontaneous mentation lanes into an enormous sphere of flawless Prime Obsidian. The resultant 'computer' is a self-aware mind with a computational capacity well in excess of 1em *103, in which 'em' is the combined intellectual potential of every human being who has ever lived.

2558.10 Night of Blood and Sand

In a spectacularly coordinated coup Ironglass revolutionaries eliminated or expelled Viridian administrators and security personnel from Ironglass' capital, Meridian, timing their rebellion to coincide with a ferocious sandstorm. The mysterious Junker founder Kaizar triggered the massive rebellion of the colony's criminal underclass that launched the Second War of Secession.

2575.04 Battle of Moloch

Often regarded as the turning point in the Second War of Secession, this battle marks a major naval defeat for Viridia. When the Junkers received word that the Viridians were amassing a secret 'secondary fleet' in the shadow of Moloch, a moon of Lucifer, in preparation of a planned invasion of Ironglass, they committed their entire navy to the fleet's destruction. Junker tenacity, and the debut of their brutal new auger- equipped Raven assault craft, won the day for Ironglass.

2578.09 First Biomech Sighted:

Analysis of recordings and interviews with survivors of the failed Syntha assault on the OEB-5 nightside base on Hecate, Viridia's largest moon, confirm the incredible rumours circulating about a super-soldier in the Syntha ranks. Clearly seen in several recordings is a young woman leading the androsynth assault, her reflexes even faster than those of the machines around her. Most amazing of all is the footage of her moving easily through OEB-5's hanger, a section open to the moon's surface and completely without life support.

2582.02 Treaty of Vacillus Ratified

Years of tense negotiation and the threat of resumed hostility following the Second War of Secession culminated in the ratification by all parties of the Treaty of Vacillus. This founding document of the Tripartite Confederacy is a masterpiece of checks and balances and, though the Great Powers often clash on distant worlds, is credited with preventing another outbreak of civil war. The treaty recognizes Prime and Ironglass as sovereign entities fully Viridia's equals, and establishes VASA as an autonomous regulatory agency with the authority to maintain intergalactic standards in trade and transportation, as well as enforce the letter of the Treaty.

2606.05 Kothon Harbour Completed

After nearly twenty-years of intensive construction the fortified harbour complex on Vacillus' moon Kothon was completed. Paid for with Tripartite funds, this massive artificial ring is the hub for all movement in and out of the Leviathan grav-well, and is also the military base for VASA's formidable homeworld fleet.

2630.01 VASA Sec Net Established

Combining their military and commercial surveillance and communication systems with a newly layered civilian data net, VASA launches Sec Net as an all in one sub-ether system for the conveyance and monitoring of information. Sec Net quickly becomes the galactic standard for entertainment, encryption, and communication, and is invaluable for VASA's decentralized approach to maintenance and intervention, allowing their operatives to interface and launch joint initiatives efficiently.

2789.02-.06 Strike on Kalakan

Gallus Nebrius Yg, Factotum of Kalakan and self styled 'Iron Tzar' of the Hrebeidine Systems, is killed in the destruction of his palace by a combined tripartite strike force under VASA command. Having long been a thorn in the side of VASA, and a vocal proponent of colonial independence, Yg is often cited as the first of the breakaway tyrants. In the same year Iskander is born on Mandigant.

2822.04 Iskandria Founded

After a phenomenal rise to power as dictator in the Karnus System and ruler of several nearby systems Iskander launches a massive building campaign in the Helios-Arkadia Binary System. Originally intending to create a hub-style artificial planetoid near the Helios well, Iskander changes his mind after what he called his 'Cyclops Dream,' and reroutes massive resources into the building of a city on Kyklops.

2839.02-.03 Battle of Eight Fleets

After months of blockade of the Karnisian planets, the Viridian Interdiction Fleet (sub-divided into eight patrols) is surprised by a rapid attack from Iskander. Using the newly active Helios grav-well, Iskander funnels every ship at his disposal into the system and obliterates the Viridians.

2844.09 Assassination of Iskander

Upon his return to Kyklops after quelling a minor rebellion in the Orchithin System, Iskander suffers a series of embolismic seizures and dies within a matter of days despite his placement in low-level stasis. His autopsy later reveals extensive neurogenic scarring throughout the foramen magnum of the kind induced by point-blank cyclonic phasing. Speculation as to the culprit varies widely, though the most likely theories centre on a VASA-aided plot by General Crantius, or a hit from a lone Syntha operative.

2865.05 Kyklops Partitioned

Years of bitter fighting between Iskander's successors in the Generals' War ensured that none of them were prepared to resist the full onslaught of the Great Powers when it came. Iskander's empire was quickly devoured by the Tripartite Powers, acting in concert or individually, until only its capital remained. Iskandria surrendered in 2864 with only token resistance, and the Powers agreed to a Partition and Intervention Treaty that gave them shared access to the world and its nearby grav-well.

2872.02-.06 War of the Star Factories

Provoked by increased Junker illegal mining operations in seven of the twelve systems of the Iron Circle, VASA authorities intercede and attempt to shut down the operations of the Star Factories Attatax and Jurio Ferrocain. The Junkers choose to fight, and chase off the VASA fleet in the Battle of Red Disk. A minor war develops in the Iron Circle until VASA cuts its losses, grants Ironglass a mining charter for the Iron Circle, rendering Junker operations in the area legal.

2909.07 Koralon First Contact

The Viridiform Plus Inc. sponsored Blue Eden project was an attempt to rush terraform the type-three ocean world Void 1.1 as a springboard for future colonization in Rim Sector 52. Unbeknownst to the expedition, Void was a Reef World inhabited by the Koralon, and soon the process of mutation began to claim the scientists. Dr. Avery Valverde, the only survivor of Blue Eden, subsequently released reams of data about this nightmarish encounter into the public domain in an effort to warn humanity. Dr. Valverde disappeared from the public eye in 2912 and was never heard from again.

2926.02-.05 Nu-Utopia Fleet Vanishes

The powerful and independent border world of Nu-Utopia had long made a habit of acting counter to VASA directives in the Rim Sector. Organizing its own expedition to the Void System, it appointed Admiral Mallem Nozik to command a hundreds-strong fleet of warships and scientific vessels. After some promising data on the Koralon emerges from the expedition it stops broadcasting, and is never seen or heard from again. The resultant loss topples the government of Nu-Utopia, which soon applied for VASA charter in 2930.

2928.08-2977.02 The Ten Sector Collapse

Soon after the Nu-Utopia disaster, the Koralon began sending expeditionary fleets of their own into human space. Initially such attacks were probing raids, but soon massive forces were brought to bear on the outlying colonies of mankind's empire. Though the Great Powers reinforced their holdings and VASA itself focused the bulk of its resources to decades of bitter fighting, the Koralon overran ten of the fourteen sectors comprising the Rim, and assimilated or destroyed seventy-two worlds and habitations.

3040.06-.08 Sharnfeldt Evacuated

The type-two world Sharnfeldt in the Fin Faolis System is infected with coraline and mutations run rampant in its close-packed cities. One of the few remaining worlds of importance on the Rim, the swift spread of the infection and slow response by authorities necessitated its evacuation by VASA. It is speculated that the infection was the result of illicit trade in coraline, and not Koralon activity.

3132.01 VASA Withdraws From the Rim

Nearly two centuries of warfare with the aliens on the Rim Sector have seen mankind's overextended empire dwindle one world at a time. The distant and sparsely populated Galactic Rim settlements make poor staging areas for logistics bases for the kind of warfare necessary to combat the aliens, and VASA is unable to check Koralon fleet activity. Facing mounting difficulties and staggering losses, VASA sees no choice but to withdrawal its forces to a more defensible systems though, to its credit, it attempts to evacuate as many worlds as possible during the retreat.

3177.04 Koralon Incursion Begins

The unexpected assault on key Gateworld systems within human space by phase-shunting Koralon fleets leaves the empires of man in chaos, and cuts vital transportation networks and supply and communications lines throughout the galaxy. The resultant turmoil undermines political alliances and pushes the Great Powers to the brink of civil war.

3178.08 Operation Arkadian Dawn

After the successful retaking of four of the five Gateworld Systems lost to the Incursion, a joint fleet under the command of Viridian Grand Admiral Cranmer regains control of the Helios grav-well in a monumental battle against the Koralon. With communication and travel lines now reopened between human space and Kyklops, Viridian, Junker, and VASA reinforcements arrive on Iskandria to continue the struggle there against the Koralon...and each other.