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Appendice 8: Kothon, Harbour Moon of Vacillus

Kothon is a large ice moon composed of the remnants from a planet that once occupied the closest orbit to Leviathan. When the massive star underwent its death-spasms this world was destroyed, reduced to a cloud of gas and shattered rock. Some of this material fell into orbit around Vacillus, compressing and accreting to form Kothon. The rest carried on to be captured by Urukh, where it formed that planet's five moons. Of course aeons have passed since this happened, and now Kothon is a smooth, inert sphere of rock covered in a surface layer of ice and frozen noble gases and halogens that is a uniform fifteen kilometres thick.

Cut into the ice is a complex of trenches, sub-surface hangers and bunkers that honeycomb the entire permafrost layer. Within these frozen warrens the might of the Vacillus military fleet is berthed, hidden away from prying eyes below the deceptively blank veil of ice. The access routes to the vast hangers are deep, wide trenches, carved out by fusion drills. At short intervals along the walls of these trenches are defence ports, in case the unthinkable should ever happen and Kothon come under attack. Each one of these defence ports is a weapon emplacement pod, equipped with a VR controlled primary weapon operated by a technician back in one of the sub-surface bunkers. These are mostly heavy ion cannons, but there are also ion torpedo launchers, quantum mine layers and flux wall generators.

Of course the most visually impressive thing about Kothon is the space harbour. A man- made construction that surrounds the entire moon like a ring around a gas giant. As aforementioned, all flights through the grav-well must stop for customs processing at the harbour. This also acts as a pick-up point for cargoes, with short-haul flights moving back and forth between the Homeworlds and Vacillus. Many grav-drive equipped ships will move cargoes through the grav- well, to and from colonies in the wider galaxy, but never get any further into the Viridia-Solaris / Leviathan system than Kothon.