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Appendice 2: Void System

Void 1.1 is the first planet from the sun in the Void system situated in the farther reaches of the eastern arm of the galaxy known as the Rimworlds. The Void system was the first of many systems in which man encountered the Koralon. It is a single star system with five planets simply named 1.1 through to 1.5.

Since the fateful encounter very little information, beyond what was gleaned by the research vessels that escaped, is known about it. It has been speculated that in addition to the large infestation on Void 1.1 there is a second colony on the far side of Void 1.5 where the second moon, V1.5/m2, acts as a gigantic harbour for the Void Reef fleet. Void 1.1 has been defined as a Reef world, a tell tale sign of a Koralon infestation. It has large, warm, shallow oceans with a series of archipelagos build of coraline. It has a life- sustaining atmosphere if not a bit too humid for human habitation. It is not known if any other of the planets sustain life, Void 1.3 and 1.5 do not have any breathable atmosphere but 1.2 and 1.4 have thin atmospheres and it has been suggested that this may be the first stages of Koralon "terraforming" at work.