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Urban War: Strike-Team Actions is simple to learn but difficult to master. It is a fast paced sci-fi skirmish game set in a brutal far-distant Galaxy. Players build small teams of soldiers to fight in the worn-torn city of Iskandria, the scene of countless vicious conflicts between competing factions, now also threatened by aggressive alien incursions.
Urban War is a tabletop game for two or more players. The individual model and experience based system enables a unique variety of tactical choices, as you develop your teams to suit your own personal play-style and strategies.
In the city of Iskandria there are seven distinct factions vying for dominance:

  • Junkers- grim convict legions
  • Gladiators- warriors of the arenas
  • Syntha- human cyborgs and robotic androsynths
  • VASA- galactic enforcers of law and order
  • Triads- clan warriors, contemptuous of outsiders
  • Viridians- traders replying on pure firepower
  • Koralon- alien symbiotes, wielders of unearthly powers

This is a section all about the Urban War miniatures game.
Here you will find:

  • Details on the Game
  • Descriptions of the factions including art galleries of troops
  • Library of scenarios for you to play
  • A series of tactical gaming guides
  • Hobby section including painting guides, terrain building and figure conversions
  • Artemis Biomechs
  • Gladiator Strike-Team
  • Nyxx ambushes Triads
  • Pit Beast vs Kabuki Doll
  • Viridian Strike-Team