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Tactical Guides

Here you will find a series of guides writtten by gamers for gamers, simply click on the toolbar on the left for the required faction and learn from the best!

General tactical tips

Size Matters!

In the new rules it states that if you would gain cover from another model, that model blocks LOS instead, but only if the blocking model is the same size or larger.

This system can be used to protect your vital models from those pesky snipers and overwatch models (yes Syntha, I'm looking at you). You want to keep Neura from being shot to pieces? Place her directly behind a suppressor (preferably one with a shield). Junker Lictors and special models are also prime targets which you want to protect.

Unfortunately this also means that models which are a bit bigger are harder to protect since smaller models don't block LOS and models never give a cover save. So a Phazon having Size 3 can't use most other models in the list to hide behind because they're Size 2. He might as well be out in the open!
This applies doubly to Broodmasters with their Size 5.

So protect your important models by placing them behind others, bur remember: Size Matters!