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Urban War The Game

For those of you who are new to fighting battles with miniatures, here’s what it’s all about:
Urban War is a skirmish game where each model represents a single man, monster or machine each with its own range of weaponry, equipment and skills. These factors define its effectiveness in the small but vicious conflicts that are a constant undercurrent of life and death across the reaches of inhabited space. You can think of your forces as small scouting parties, patrols, raiders or defenders of outposts. Alternatively think of them as being part of a larger force, and the skirmish you are fighting as being just a small (but important) part of a larger battle that is taking place around them.
Your fighting force will comprise of a small group, or Strike-Team, of troopers equipped for a variety of combat roles. Some will be specialised, like snipers, while others will have a more generalised role. They will often be led by powerful or heroic characters, capable of singlehandedly disposing of several times their own number of enemy troops. Heavy weapons troopers, battle-suits, small vehicles or large and ferocious monsters will provide heavy firepower and support.
To get you started we produce a range of boxed Starter Strike Teams that include: figures, dice, stat cards, reference sheets and quick start rules to get you playing the game straight from the box. All you need is a small playing surface around 4 feet square (1.2m square) and a tape measure.
Urban War is a tactical game, and your skill in manoeuvring and positioning your models is important. Maximise the potential of your models and use them wisely, and you should be well on the way to winning.

Here are a few key points that, in our opinion, make Urban War: Strike Team Actions such a great game:

  • Fast: Games will take between 30 minutes (Starter Strike Team sized battles) up to around 90 minutes (300 point battles- standard size) to play.
  • Easy to learn: This game has few complexities to bog down players. Further the quick start rules in the Starter Strike Teams boxed sets (also available as a separate FREE download) have been designed to make the basics even easier to learn.
  • Tactical: Despite few rules, this game offers a lot of tactical opportunities for players to exploit.
  • Little bookkeeping: All models are supplied with stat cards for easy reference.
  • Wide variety of different armies to choose from; Currently we have 7 factions in the Urban War game system.

Urban War 2nd Edition

Now as you will have noticed we are actually selling Urban War 2nd Edition. This is a development of the original game that we launched in 2004 and benefits from over 7 years of gaming that has allowed us to further enhance this game.
For those of you who are familiar with the original Urban War here are a few key points to the improvements made in 2nd Edition:

  • More Tactical: Models' actions are less governed by chance and more by their players' choices.
  • Even Faster: Game-play is significantly sped up. A lot of the die rolls and complexities have been eliminated without compromising tactical play.
  • Streamlined: Game-play has been significantly simplified and is far easier to remember.

For more information or if you have any queries on the game why not visit our forums to chat with our growing community of Urban War players.

Click the image to flip through a preview of the Rulebook