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Vassal: Play Urban War Online

Thanks to donnyb and hoverboy

Looking to play an Urban War game with opponents from all over the world? With the open-source boardgame engine Vassal you can!

Thanks to the efforts of two enthusiastic Urban War gamers, there is a module available for Vassal to play Urban War 2nd Edition. The module includes all the Stat Cards for easy reference, but you still need a copy of the rules yourself in order to play.

Vassal allows you to share a map of the battlefield, position your miniatures on it and execute things like movement in an easy way. However it does not have any of the game mechanics embedded, so you are responsible yourself for moving the correct distance and such. The software also includes things like templates, positioning order counters (that stay secret from your opponent) and do dice rolls.

Our two designers are anxious to get more players using the Vassal module, so give this system a go and let us know what you think of it. It can also be a great way to play games at odd times (like when you can't sleep, you might find an opponent on the other side of the globe) or to get new players into the Urban War game without them having to invest a thing.

Also great to know is that the software runs under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Please visit for more on the Vassal engine or use the links below for the specific pages for the downloads.

Menu example

Underground Temple