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Organised Play

Organised play, whether it’s in the form of tournaments or leagues, is a great way to test your skills against your fellow Urban War players. They are also a way to develop your skills, learning from more experienced players, as well as having a great time to boot!
For our organised play we will not only cater for experienced gamers but we will also provide a range of activities to help introduce new players to the game.
Our organised play will take a number of forms; Boot Camp, Leagues, Tournaments and Special Operations.

  • Boot Camp: This is designed for new players using only the quick start rules and our boxed starter strike-teams, a perfect introduction to Urban War.
  • Leagues: Designed for those players familiar with Urban War, utilising Urban War 2nd Edition that can be played over a number of weeks at your local store, club or even at your friend’s house!
  • Tournaments: As with the leagues, these events are for regular Urban War players, are daylong events played at similar venues using the Strategic Withdrawal Scenario.
  • Special Operations: These will use the tournament rules however, there will be additional scenario objectives and rules, some cool fiction too, and additional prize support.
    All these organised play formats come with support packages that organisers can buy, including pins, medals and T-shirts, see our Prize support section here.