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Whether you are a diehard gamer looking for a serious way to compete, or a casual player, the league rules and support give provide you with the right tools. The leagues are designed to be very adaptable to your needs while still giving you enough guidance to ensure you run or play in a balanced way.

The first step is to gather  together a group of players to form the League and decide over what period of tiem you will play it, we recoomend between 4 to 6 weeks. Once the League is established all participants issue challenges to other other League members to play games. The purpose of each game is to earn as many League points as possible in order to climb the League ranking.

Anyone can organise a League using the rules here and some gaming tables at a venue, whether that's at your local club, store or your friend's house.

Although the aim is to challenge your skills and have fun, nobody says no to 'spoils of war'. It's up to the League organiser to decide on the prize support for the League as well as any registration fee needed to cover the cost. You can find what of prize support we offer here in our Support section.

Generally players start a League with a Strike Team of 250 points, but as you gain league points they will be rewarded with access to more resources. In this way the points available to them can increase to as much as 400 points!

These rewards are cool for the players getting all the wins, but the casual gamer, who just plays for fun, may not be looking forward to the prospect of getting trashed by 400 point Strike Teams with their smaller force. So to keep the fun there are two useful game mechanics:

  • Significantly smaller Strike Teams can simply evade the bigger teams indefinitely, which means they can decline to accept a challenge.
  • Underdog rules. These rules enable the smaller Strike-Team in a battle to pick some tactical benefits from the Underdog Advantage Effects Table , evening out the odds to some extent.

Another aspect of a League is that you can try out all sorts of strategies as you can put together a different Strike-Team each battle. This ensures your opponent never knows exactly what is coming.

Player Responsibilities

The objective of League play is for everyone to have a good time. Players must cooperate with their opponent to resolve any disagreements. Players must remain courteous and patient with their opponents, as some maybe new to the game, and the League organiser. The League organiser always has the final word on rules questions or debates; players must accept all rulings.

Players participating in the League must bring their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, tokens, markers, and templates required for play unless provided for by the organiser by prior arrangement.

Players represent a single faction in the League and cannot change this once the League has started. They can of course choose a different faction in a future League.

The League organiser tracks the position of each player. The first three games a player plays each week earn them League points, and these determine a player's position in the League. These games are referred to as League matches. Players can continue playing games after reaching their maximum for the week, but additional games will not earn League points. A League participant cannot refuse to play if they have not already played, or planned to play, three league matches that week. The exception to this rule is when the player being challenged is the underdog by 50 or more League points. If this is not the case and a player still refuses, the League organiser should be notified. The League organsier may reduce the number of League matches that player may play that week if gamesmanship is suspected, thsu reducing the number of Legaue points they coudl earn that week. If this persists the organiser may ban the offendign player from the League entirely. 

After players begin earning League points, the player with the most points will occupy the first place in the ranking and the player with the fewest points the last.

If two players are tied in League points, the player that played the least games gets the higher ranking.

Victory Points

League matches use victory points to calculate the winner of a game. If a scenario does not assign victory points, apply victory points as follows:

  • For each enemy model killed at the end of the scenario, you receive victory points equal to the model's point cost.
  • If the enemy had to make a strategic withdrawal, you gain 60 victory points.

Win, Draw, Loss

Most scenarios designate an outright winner of a match. Sometimes the results are just too close to pick a winner though. For league matches the following rule applies: If the difference between the players' victory points is 60 points or less, the game is considered a draw.

League Rules

The number of League points a player scores for playing a League ,match depends on the relative point sizes of the Strike Teams, the scenario, and the outcome of the game. The following table provides the base number of League points a player earns for playing a game with Strike Teams of a given size. Note that you use the point sizes of the actual Strike Team you are playing with in a battle and NOT the maximum points you are allowed to use. Players can also earn bonus League points as defined in the rules for individual scenarios. See the individual scenarios for additional information on the bonus points that players can earn.

In addition to being able to earn more League points, the underdog can select one or more advantages for that battle, which are categorised into three different levels. The advantages that can be chosen are listed in the table below. The effects are cumulative, but you can select each effect just once per level.

Base League Points & Advantages Table

 Awarded League Points# of Advantages
You have:WinDrawLossLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Equal or more points 4 2 1 0 0 0
Up to 25 points less 4 2 1 1 0 0
26 to 50 points less 5 2 1 2 0 0
51 to 75 points less 5 3 1 2 1 0
76 to 100 points less 6 3 2 2 2 0
100 or more points less 6 4 2 2 1 1

Underdog Advantage Effects Table

1 Peek-a-boo: You managed to surprise your opponent by outmaneuvering him. After terrain set-up you choose which side of the table you will set-up your forces.
1 Take initiative: Superior intelligence reports allows you to take the initiative. You decide who starts the game.
1 Surprise! You manage to sneak up to your opponent before being detected. Your deployment zone is 6 inches larger than normal.
1 We're ready for you! You've had time to deploy your troops in the best spots. You may deploy on top of terrain.
1 You're on our turf now! Your knowledge of this area enables you to make the most of the terrain. After terrain set-up, but before set-up of forces, you can move up to two terrain pieces up to 6 inches each. You may not rotate the terrain pieces and they must keep a distance of at least 2 inches from other terrain pieces.
1 Luck is with you! You like to tempt fate and fate tends to reward you for your daring. You get 1 extra re-roll.
2 Emergency Medical Unit (EMU): Your Strike Team carries an EMU that restores one wound to a fallen comrade the turn after he 'died'. If one of your Team members can get within 6 inches of the fallen comrade he can automatically revive him instead of shooting. The aiding model need not have a ranged weapon to do this. The revived model counts as having been issued a Snap-fire order and it doesn't count as a kill for victory point purposes.
2 Your middle name is 'Lucky': You know how to get yourself out of a tight spot. You get 2 extra re-rolls.
3 Emergency Medical Unit (EMU): Your Strike Team carries an EMU that restores one wound to a fallen comrade the turn after he 'died'. If one of your Team members can get within 6 inches of the fallen comrade he can automatically revive him instead of shooting. The aiding model need not have a ranged weapon to do this. The revived model counts as having been issued a Snap-fire order and it doesn't count as a kill for victory point purposes.
3 Master of the underdogs: You make the most of being outnumbered and outgunned. You get 3 extra re-rolls.

Maximum Size Strike Team

As you gather League points the League organiser can give you an increase in the maximum number of points you can spend on your Strike Team. With each increase it will become progressively harder to gain the next increase. You start the League with a maximum of 250 points, which you can increase with increments of 25, to eventually a grand total of 400 points. The table below lists the number of League points you need to gain the listed maximum.

League PointsMaximum size Strike-Team
0 250
4 275
9 300
15 325
22 350
30 375
39 400


Players can either agree on which scenario they will play, or throw a die and consult the following table.

d10 rollScenario
1-3 Scuffle (standard scenario)
4-5 Vendetta
6-7 Drop Zone
8-9 Pillage
0 Breakthrough

You can also use the additional scenarios available in the 2nd Edition Rulebook.

d10 rollScenario
1-4 Scuffle (standard scenario)
5-6 High Ground
7-8 Take The Bridge
9-0 Three Sisters


The supporting downloads for this type of Organised Play will follow shortly.