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Boot Camp

Shark Attack!

Day 0, 0 silly hundred hours, assess and elbows, time to grab your brain bucket and get used to quarter decking; its Bug Company for you!

Will you get a “Big Chicken Dinner” or pass with flying colours?
Welcome to Boot Camp.

For those of you who are new to Urban War, Boot Camp gives you the right tools to get you started!
Ideally someone familiar with the game should act as the organiser; this will cut down on any rules queries and make the game-play flow faster.
All you need to play Boot Camp with are our Starter Strike-Teams and the Quick Start Rules (which are contained within each Starter Strike-Team sets but can also be downloaded in Support section of the site under Free Downloads here).
Boot Camp is run over 4 to 6 weeks, during which the participants issues challenges-to play games-to their fellow gamers with each game earning them points as detailed below. The more points you earn the further up the table you climb. Further you can earn special commendation pins with our Boot Camp “Spoils of War” package.
You can play your games either at your local store or club, which is a great way to introduce more cannon fodder to your games, or even at a friend’s house.

Order your Boot Camp kit here.

Player Responsibilities

The objective of Boot Camp is for everyone to have a good time and learn how to play the Urban War game. Players must be cooperative, remain courteous and patient, and abide by decisions the Boot Camp organiser makes, whether they agree or not.
Players taking part in Boot Camp must bring their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, tokens, markers, and templates required to play their chosen faction which they cannot change once Boot Camp has started.
The Boot Camp organiser tracks the position of each participating player, see organisers instructions. The first three games a player plays each week earn him points; these determine their standing on the ladder. These games are referred to as Boot Camp matches. Players can continue playing games after reaching their maximum for the week, but additional games will not earn any points. A Boot Camp participant cannot refuse to play if they have not already played, or planned, their three matches that week.
Over the following weeks players move up and down the ladder depending on the outcome of their matches, players winning will move up the table whereas losing players will move down.
If two players are tied in points, the one that played the least games will be placed above them in the ladder.

Win, Draw, Loss

In Boot Camp you play until one of the players has been wiped out or has given up, therefore games will either be a win or a loss, there are no draws.

You receive the following scores:

  • Win: 3 points
  • Loss: 1 point


Download Boot Camp League Organisers instructions (27kb doc)

Download Boot Camp League processing Excel Sheet (279kb xls)

Create Boot Camp League posters/flyers