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Special Operations: Headhunter

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Sec-Net Bulletin. Gate 3,059/tag ISK >sub Thap Inc<, 3179.01.07

SIGINTEL INTERCEPT - regard as "probable" until positively or negatively confirmed: Major General Jaeger, VDF, has issued Priority Red directive to the VDF 322nd, the "Green Cobras" Division, currently operating in the Thapsakus sector. The Green Cobras have been instructed to "search and destroy command elements of rogue elements currently operating in the sector." Sector informants have reported a 32% increase in violent crime, property destruction and generalized disruption to the civilian population perpetrated by Triad and Gladiator gangs in Thapsakus, and this appears to be the official Viridian response. SectINT analysis clearly indicates that Viridian military activity will escalate conflict between all parties presently with interests in the sector, resulting in severe loss of life and sector damage. All VASA personnel are ordered to Full Alert status, and to avoid conflict wherever avoidable. All Insurgency Command operatives are further ordered to take all necessary precautions in their operations, especially body armor.

"Hit the dirt Yoth!"

Sgt Frake bellowed at Pvt Yoth, providing the still-green trooper a vocal motivation to continue breathing, and not to be perforated by enemy fire. Yoth dove hard to the ground and nearly kissed it, as he tried to lower himself to be as flat as possible and not be a target. Gauss Rifle shots whizzed over his prone form, and he hoped that his first mission would not be his final one as well.

Sgt Frake, far more seasoned - some would say grizzled, but that word was anachronistic even to Viridians on Iskandia - was crouched behind a low wall and grimaced as Yoth lay on the ground, panicked with fear. Frake hoisted his autopistol and fired several blind shots into the building ahead of them, where he believed the shooters were attacking them from. So far the enemy was doing a fine job of not showing themselves but putting out a volume of fire that had pinned Frake's men down.

The operation had taken sixteen hours to plan. Captain Rocha had surveyed the area personally and drawn up six maps by hand - a quaint throwback in the eyes of some troopers, but it wasn't lost on them that it meant Captain Rocha really understood what he saw after he drew it out. Adder Company was taking left flank in a broad sweep into a hostile township known as Esashi to the Triads who dominated it - Capetown to the Viridians.

The local Triads called themselves the Esashi Musako, the Sons of Capetown. They weren't good sons - they terrorized much of the township, blatantly treating the civilians like indentured servants and worse. Therefore the Green Cobras were going to take down the Sons of Capetown with extreme prejudice - or, if not all of them, then first and foremost they'd cut off the head of the organization and watch the body wither and die.

All of that was great on paper, but getting in there and getting the Sons of Capetown out... well, that was proving hard. The Triads knew the terrain and that was a big advantage when fighting in a built-up area like this. They also were excellent at being sneaky, whereas the Green Cobras tended to stick out. Plus the Triads didn't tend to go quietly, ever. So when the first squads of Adder Company arrived to Capetown, they immediately faced a well-armed and hostile enemy.

Going to get picked apart if we can't seize some ground, Frake thought. He fired a few more exploratory shots with his autopistol and got some reply fire for his trouble. Okay, he thought, definitely in that building ahead. Now the fun part.

In an amazing crouch-walk that can only be developed by a man used to being shot at, he raced over to Pvt Yoth and grabbed his shoulder, hoisting the man up to hear him clearly.

"Come on Yoth!" he barked, with a gleam in his eye. "It's time to make a hero out of you."

Scenario: Headhunter

This scenario is used in conjunction with the Strategic Withdrawal scenario for tournament play. The Headhunter scenario is very simple. Each player must attempt to kill their opponent's commander model for which the player will receive bonus victory points, see table below. Killing the opponent's commander does not bring the game to an end, unless it is a consequence of a failed Command check for a Strategic Withdrawal. Even if a player has lost their own commander they still may attempt to kill their opponent's commander and if they succeed they too will receive bonus victory points but not as many.

Order of KillBonus Points
First Kill 8
Second Kill 4

In addition the first player in a tournament to kill their opponent's commander will receive the Headhunter T-shirt (Providing the tournament organizers have purchased a support kit). We suggest that the winning player raises their hand when the kill is made and shouts "Headhunter" in order that they secure the prize! Only one Headhunter T-shirt will be awarded per tournament.

With thanks to Robert Allen for writing the background.