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Old Alliances

Urban War 2 vs 2 multi-player battle report by Wodger.


As the battle rages on Iskandria, all factions are under threat of being overrun, at these times of desperation, different factions will ally together for short periods to hold against a common enemy. This battle is between four players in a team death match.


A straight up scuffle at 150pts per team, 50% withdrawal. Note......the D6s on the table represent Cal follow on moves that individuals have.

Team 1 = Junkers and Gladiators
Team 2 = Vasa and Viridian

Junker Empire

Junker Empire

1 Lictor Cal 1= 25pts (commander)
1 Legionary heavy chain gun Cal 0 = 23pts
1 Loader Cal 0 = 12pts
4 Legionaries Cal 0 = 76pts

Total = 148pts



2 Retiarius Cal 0 = 38pts (one is the commander)
2 Greater pit beasts Cal 0 = 32pts
4 Secutors = 80pts

Total = 150pts



1 Suppresser sergeant Cal 1 = 26pts (commander)
1 Red Guard Cal 1 = 36pts
1 Suppresser Sniper Cal 0 = 26pts
2 Suppressers gauss rifles = 38pts
2 Suppressers Batons and shields = 26pts

Total = 152pts



1 Special Forces Cal 1 + combat blade and camo = 32pts
1 Marine HMG Cal 0 = 22pts
1 Loader Cal 0 = 15pts
4 Colonial Marines Cal 0 = 80pts

Total = 149pts

The Battlefield


Teams set up

Set up

Viridian top right

Vasa bottom right

Junker bottom left

Gladiator top left

Turn 1

Pic 1

As turn 1 starts with the Junkers winning the initiative, they start by moving men forward in an attempt to gain ground. When it comes to the Vasa turn, the Sniper climbs the hill and snap fires, rolling a 10, he hits a Junker legionary but fails to cause a wound or shock.

Pic 2

The rest of the turn sees everyone rushing into forward positions. The Junkers heavy chaingun tries to get a better view of the enemy by climbing up the hill but the gun is too heavy, and the gunner fail his command check......rooting him to the ground for this turn!

Pic 3

State of play......Gladiators push into the building while the commander takes the greater pit beasts up the centre.

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Pic 3.1

State of play......How the field looks at the end of turn 1.

Turn 2

Pic 5

Turn 2, the Vasa suppressor hugging the wreckage rattles off a burst of rounds at the Greater pit beast and causes a wound.

Pic 6

The Viridian HMG seeing that the beast is wounded tries to finish it off but can't get through its thick hide!

Pic 7

As the Viridians get into cover, they fire at the other Greater pit beast and manage to take a wound off. The two Pit beasts are now in a cross fire and it doesn't look good for them, as the Junkers and Secutors are too far away to help them with covering fire. The last thing to happen in the turn is the last marine to fire, takes out the Pit beast with another lucky shot and panics the commander retiarius. A terrible turn for the Junker/Gladiator alliance.

Pic 9

The state of play......end of turn 2

Pic 10

State of play......the Junkers are poised to assault the Vasa with the covering fire of the heavy Chain Gun.

Pic 10.1

State of play......the Secutors finally seem to be making some progress through the building.

Turn 3

Pic 11

Turn 3, the Vasa win the initiative and the Sniper takes the opportunity to shoot the last remaining Pit beast before it smashes in to the Vasa he lets off a round, the hulking beast falls to the floor with a loud thud and a huge dust cloud.

Pic 12

A Secutor dives through a window and snaps at a marine, missing him, the marine fires back and shows him the real meaning of marksmanship principals. Good night sweetheart!!!!!!!!

Pic 13

As the Vasa Red Guard hurtles forward, the Junker HCG over watches and hits him twice but fails to wound.

Pic 14

The Red Guard finishes his move then snap fires at the closest Legionary killing him and panicking 2 others. The Lictor uses his Neural Enforcement Unit and ends up shocking one of them!, the other one remains panicked.

Pic 15

The Red Guard seizes the opportunity and uses his follow on and charges the shocked legionary, he only needs to roll a 2+ to hit but rolls a 1!!!!

Pic 17

The other Legion that was panicked, activates and tries to rally but fails. The Lictor enraged, uses the NEU again and kills him. The Junker player is devastated!!

Pic 18

The suppressor Sergeant rushes, and then follows on firing at the Legionary thats not in close combat but misses.

Pic 19

The Lictor really needs to pull some pride back for his team and charges the Red Guard......fails to hit and get pistol whipped into a bloody mess in the sand.

Junkers withdraw

Pic 20

End of turn 3 state of play, the Vasa peel right to support the Viridians as they try to finish off the Gladiators.

Pic 20.1

State of play......Viridians and Gladiators locked in a fire fight.

Pic 20.2

State of play......End of turn 3

Turn 4

Pic 23

As the Vasa push forward the Gladiator retiarius (not the commander) charges a Marine and swiftly tangles and kills him! Panics the spec forces as well. (First kill for the Junker and Gladiator alliance).

Pic 24

As the Special Forces rallies and rushes closer to the Secutors, a Secutor fires at him and shocks him, the commander hits the dirt totally freaked out!

Pic 25

The games closes in and the red guard hunts down the Gladiator commander from the top of the hill, blazes off his gauss pistols but fails to hit her.

Pic 26

As the Marine sees his comrade cut down and his commander shocked in the dirt, he grits his teeth and blows the retiarius to pieces at close range.

Gladiators withdraw


I have played a lot of multi player games in my time but I have never seen a massacre like this. The Junker/Gladiator alliance only managed to score 1 kill. The Viridian/Vasa alliance had masses of firepower and the man of the match for me was clearly the Red Guard as he scored a couple of kills and spread panic through the Junker ranks. Urban war works equally well with 4 teams or 2, have a go and see for yourself.

Until next time......wodge out!!!