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Reclaim the village

Urban War battle report by Wodger


Three days of shelling by the Gladiators has almost decimated the village of wellsprings, buildings are ruined and all but the hardiest dare to stay and fortify their homesteads. Two days ago, pillaging Triad forces decided to see if they could find any easy pickings amongst the ruins but were repelled by a small scouting force of the Gladiators. Now its time for payback... (this was an actual game at 150pts which the Triads were beaten).


300pt Scuffle with 50% withdraw, note that all models with calibre have a d6 next to them to remind players how many follow-ons each model has left.

Triad Strike Team

Triad Team

1 Triad Boss Cal 3. Combat precognition +
Camouflage = 51pts
1 Sumo bodyguard Cal 2 = 36pts
1 Sumo bodyguard Cal 1 = 26pts
1 Oni battlesuit Cal 1. Heavy armour +2 = 43pts
8 Retainers/gauss rifles Cal 0 = 144pts

Total = 300pts


Gladiator Strike Team

Gladiator Team

1 Amazonia Decurion Cal 2 = 33pts
1 Myrmillo Cal 2 = 40pts
1 retiarius Cal 1 = 25pts
1 Taurian Howitzer + 1 loader Cal 1 = 45pts
1 Vulcan Gladiator Cal 1 = 22pts
1 Greater pit beast Cal 0 = 16pts
3 pit beasts Cal 0 = 33pts
4 Secutors Cal 0 = 80pts

Total = 294pts

The Battlefield


The Game

Set up

Triads win the roll to choose which side of the battlefield they set up, and start to place their models first, taking it in turn with the Gladiators, one model at a time.

Turn 1

Turn 1 starts with most of the Gladiators rushing into defensive positions while the Triads are snap firing to little effect. The Gladiator Retiarius rushes out into the open and is shot at by the Retainer on the far left of the picture, takes a cover save but sustains a shock counter from the hit.

Seeing the Retiarius stranded in the open and shocked, the Cal 2 Sumo charges from its deployment zone using its 2 follow-on moves and swiftly takes her out, causing a nearby Secutor (within 9 inches) to panic. First blood to the Triads.

Enraged by the loss of the Retiarius, the Gladiators unleash the might of the Taurian Howitzer on the tightly packed middle of the Triads. The Retainer that was targeted sighs in relief as the shell misses him but lands to his front and catches the Oni battle suit in the back, the suits heavy armour is negated by the armour piercing ability of the howitzer and suffers a wound. The howitzer then uses its follow-on to fire again at the same retainer but this shot scatters off the table, much to the relief of the Triad commander.

The Myrmillo also uses a point of its calibre to scramble into cover in the centre of the battlefield; a Triad Retainer sees him just as he hits his cover, looses off a few rounds, hits and shocks him. The Myrmillo makes a test to see if his fuel tanks explode (as he took a hit), the dice is rolled, a 2 is thrown (to his relief!, a roll of a 1 would had saw him burst into flames). As the rest of the Gladiators rush forward and hug cover, the Triads form a firing line at the tank traps and snap fire a lot of shots off to no effect.

The Gladiator left flank and centre

The strong centre of the Triads

Turn 2

Turn 2 commences with the Gladiators winning the initiative and opening up on the Cal 1 Sumo with the Howitzer as this is the closest/easiest target within LOS. The Sumo is hit at full damage (the inside circle of the template) but somehow survives, and with him being immune to shock, shrugs it off like it was a dragon mosquito!

The Sumo in rage charges the Myrmillo that is in shock and unbelievably rolling a 1, fails to take him out!!!

After a few more models have moved and missed targets with their rifles, the Oni battlesuit is locked in combat with a Pit Beast and another Pit Beast enters the melee with the Sumo and the Myrmillo. The Myrmillo finally falls but the sumo also falls in combat to the fresh Pit Beast, since all the Pit Beasts are immune to panic, they all auto pass their tests. The Oni also passes his test for the Sumo being within 9" when the sumo fell. Things are now getting desperate in the centre and its turning into a blood bath.

Seeing the battlesuit in charge range, the Amazonia Decurion charges into close combat, hitting the Oni but failing to wound the massive machine. The Oni takes its free strike back and cleaves her in half, panicking two nearby Secutors in the process. The Gladiators are now at a -1 initiative for the rest of the game, as they have lost their leader.

Being the closest enemy in LOS the Greater Pit Beast passes its impetuous test and decides to charge it anyways. Note that if the Greater Pit Beast had failed its test it would have to move towards or charge the nearest model in LOS, just so happens the Pit Beast wanted to get into combat with the Oni anyways!, the beast could have moved in any direction as he passed his test. As the beast smashes into the Oni it scores a wound and the Oni fails his heavy armour save (8+). The Oni has taken its last wound (it has 2 to start with) and is destroyed.

Seeing all but one of their close combat specialists dead, the Triad retainers unleash round after round at the closest Pit Beast but only manage to shock it. Note, Pit Beast suffer a rule called rampage instead of shock, next turn if the Gladiator fails a command check when its activated, the Triad player will be able to take control if the beast for 1 turn!!!!.

Last action of turn 2 is the Vulcan Grenadier rushing then using its free follow-on turn (as the model is Cal 1) to lob an Iron Glass Ear Splitter grenade at the triad boss. The Boss survives the explosion due to the cover of the tank trap but is shocked. All that's left is the Boss to activate (the Boss is really only allowed to move as he is shocked) and moves closer to the warrior now known as Mad Max (the Vulcan who is now "bravely" in the open and in front of a firing squad!) Oh and before I forget the Cal 2 Sumo is eventually eaten by a Pit Beast after failing to smash a Secutor in close combat!

Cal 2 sumo meets the jaws of the beast.

State of the table at the end of turn 2

Looking from the Gladiators side at the end of turn 2. The Triads need to lose 3 more models before they start making withdraw tests. The Gladiators need to lose 4 more.

Turn 3

Triad win the initiative (they both rolled a "6" but the Gladiators are at a -1 for the loss of their leader. The Triad Boss charges the Vulcan Grenadier before he can unleash another Ear Splitter. He hits home...fails to hit and gets thoroughly spanked with the blunt end of the Vulcan's sword killing the boss outright and panicking a couple of Retainers.

With the Triads reeling from the loss of their commander, the Howitzer opens up for a third time and gets a direct hit...hitting 4 Retainers....killing 2 of them. The Triads have now reached their withdraw point and the highest command model (which is only a retainer) that they have left fails the test and the Triads withdraw leaving the ruined village to the Gladiators!!


Men of the match...

So the game only lasted 3 turns I hear you cry!!!!, three bloody and brutal turns. This game shows how in V2, Calibre has been transformed into something more deadly that it ever was for close combat specialists. No more getting stuck out in the middle of open ground to be picked off at range. Get in fast and get in hard that's the motto now. The Triads made a fatal mistake of rushing his cc troops unsupported, once they killed the initial enemy they were counterattacked in force and could not stand. The firing line of 8 Retainers would have been of more use if they had not been snap firing at med range the first 2 turns (moving and firing at large ranges is wildly inaccurate). So the Gladiators rushed forward as a supporting team, mopped up in close combat and let the Howitzer smash the underpants off the Triads.

That's the way to do it!

Wodge out