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The Evacuation Of Blackwater District 5

Urban War battle report By Wodger

Game Briefing

Blackwater is a dismal place at the best of times, the region is hotly contested by all the factions but the Junkers are in supreme control, and they have been making it known. Vasa settlers have been forced to leave their homes amid rioting and lynchings and the Vasa garrison have had to evacuate the local population, fearing mass slaughter. The battle takes place as the Junker military move in to the sector... The Vasa must hold the Junkers to give the locals time to board the transport to their rear.


Junker starter set V Vasa starter set

Rules Set

Quick start rules (to the last man)

Vasa Strike Team

4 Suppressors - Cal 0
1 Sniper - Cal 1
1 Archangel - Cal 1
1 Suppressor Sergeant - Cal 2

Junker Strike Team

4 Legionaries - Cal 0
2 Auxilla - Cal 0
1 Exo suit - Cal 1 (Heavy Armour +2)
1 Legionary Decurion - Cal 2

Vasa troops

Junker troops

Table and deployment

Vasa win initiative. Sniper moves out to shoot legionary but referee decrees that seeing a shotgun is not enough of a target so he uses his point of CAL to make a follow on but fails to do any damage.

The lucky target!!!

Junker right rushes forward eager to get in short range for the shotguns.

Vasa rush forward, the dice on the model is used to donate the CAL/follow on a model has.

Exo suit and 2 auxilla push forward on the Junker left.

Vasa right move forward to meet the threat.

Junkers win initiative and the exo suit rakes a suppressor peeking round the corner of the villa with chain gun and claims the first kill.

The legionary decurion seizes the opportunity to use both follow on moves and rushes forward and fires twice at the Vasa sniper leaving him in a bloody heap.

Junkers rush to take the centre of the battlefield and are in a strong position with 2 Vasa casualties.

Vasa take beggars alley.

Suppressor charges a legionary and is locked in bloody combat as neither side refuses to give way.

The archangel which previously jumped onto the top of the villa blazes at the exo suit...the suit saves with its heavy armour upgrade but is taken out by the follow on action of the angel, panicking 2 nearby auxilla.

Meanwhile a suppressor has charged the other auxilla in close combat and takes him out with ease.

State of play in the Junker centre.

Decurion moves forward and blasts at the Vasa suppressor as it is the closest model, both Vasa fire back but no hits are scored by either side as the battle intensifies.

The decurion charges the suppressor but neither man can score a wound till the sergeant charges in and settles the matter. The decurion is removed from play and the Junkers are now at a -1 initiative disadvantage for the remainder of the game.

The panicked auxilla charges the archangel that previously jumped down and fired at him (leaving him unharmed).

As the auxilla hits home, his sword decapitates the archangel in one swift action.

As the suppressor kills 2 legionaries that he was locked in combat with, he then rushes the Junkers in close combat and is locked in again (neither model managing to inflict a wound), the sergeant moves up to support next turn.

A massive melee ensues as the game draws in, the Junkers are just outnumbered 4:3.

The suppressor kills his 3rd legionary but the sergeant falls as well.

As the 3 kill suppressor is killed the other suppressor finally reaches the combat and kills the legionary. the last legionary is killed by a burst of gauss over

This was a really close game to the last man, the Vasa just pulled through to see the civilians escape.------------

The Junkers really seemed to struggle with their lack of command and seemed to panic at the first sign of casualties while the Vasa stood strong in close combat and carried the day.

Hope you enjoyed the battle, see you all next time Wodge out !!!!!!