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Industrial Encounters in Eith

Urban War battle report By MrNaughty

This battle report also comes with a Youtube video

It had been a long campaign. Both the Koralon and the Syntha had lost many units, but the Koralon's ability to re spawn and adapt, far outweighed the Syntha. The human part of the, now commander, Achilles unit, that wasn't still artificially pumped on adrenaline, was looking forward to returning to the Delta zone. Even the remaining Tac Androsynths were low on power and needed to recharge.


The Achilles unit had received the orders that he had waited for and was now leading the remains of the strike force back to Delta.

They had been travelling only for a few minutes when all the Synths reacted simultaneously to a new order that had been sent over the S.P.O.M.M. The Achilles unit did not have time to be disappointed before being bombarded with images of the new mission.

Sources had reported that, Koralon forces had mysteriously withdrawn from an important industrial area on the northern border of the Eith safe zone. It was the strike teams' mission to secure the area and await a backup for a more permanent fortification.

The Achilles' human part was at least glad that he had a remaining Prometheus.

Syntha Lineup

Syntha strike team 250pts

1 x Achilles class - cal 1 -33pts (commander)
3 x Tac Androsynth - cal 0 - 72pts
2 x Tax Androsynth/ws - cal 0 - 48pts
1 x Pointman - cal 0 - 27pts
1 x Tac Terratasynth II - cal 0 - 28pts (no H/A)
1 x Prometheus I - cal 0 - 42pts
= 250pts

They had been chosen for the task because of their proximity to the area, the team were approaching cautiously because no one was sure yet, why the Koralon had left so suddenly, or if they'd return.

Eith was divided in to three areas, The Syntha controlled south, the Junker controlled north and the coastal area that the Koralon infested, it was an important area, because it provided many of the things that allowed the Sun City to run. The area where the team were going sat very close to the border of all three zones.

When the team arrived a quick scan was done of the area which revealed another force up ahead, the Tacs zoomed in, to see an angry looking troop of Junkers at the other end of the industrial installation.

Junker Lineup

Junker strike team 248pts

1 x Lictor - cal 1 - 25pts (commander)
1 x Aquila Decianus - cal 2 - 38pts
1 x Exo-suit - cal 1 - 39pts (H/A)
2 x Chaingunners - cal 0 - 40pts
3 x Auxillia - cal 0 - 30pts
4 x Legionary - cal 0 - 76pts


The Syntha were deployed in a line formation. The Prometheus was deployed last in the North West corner, giving it line of sight to the enemy lines.

Syntha Deployment

At the other end of the zone, the Junkers had taken a different strategy; they collected in two different groups, taking cover behind some old buildings. Was this to be their undoing?

Junker Deployment

Turn 1

Junker Turn 1
Turn 1 Table

The Syntha won the initiative and chose the Junkers to move first. The Exo suit responded and ran into the zone and got under cover.

The Prometheus took an indirect shot at long range, hoping to hit the Junker front line, but the shot missed and the wind scattered it out of the area.

The Junkers ran up some of the low cal troops and the Syntha tried to shoot them, but failed. Next, one of the Tac androsynths moved up towards an advancing Auxillia, and took a pot shot in long range. Miraculously the shot found and killed its target, first blood to the Syntha.

This caused panic all round for the Junkers force, and due to the Lictors heavy handed use of the neural spike, another Legionary lost his life.

The Junkers carried on undeterred running to any cover they could find, they knew that they would only stand a chance if they could get into close combat. All the time they were met by a barrage of fire from the Syntha, luckily for them, the bullets and lasers failed to wound.

Turn 2

After the orders had been issued, the Junkers seized the initiative and started with the exo suit running to find more cover, he took such a route, because he knew that if he couldn't be seen he couldn't be over watched.

The Prometheus again failed to find a mark, this is followed by more advancing by the Junkers and failed shots by the Syntha. Even the powerful Terratosynth failed to do any damage, his shot scattering closer to his own team than the Junkers.

A legionary took a brave run and was over watched by a Tac, but the Tac failed to activate. The Achilles unit, who had be advancing behind the cover of a shield Tac, now stood still and took three shots at an Auxilla that had slipped into medium range. One hit and killed, but one was all that was needed and this caused widespread panic amongst the nearby Legionnaires.

After a Tac had failed to over watch an advancing Auxillia, another shield tac in medium range activates. The only unit that is in range is the heavily covered exo-suit. Amazingly the shot hits and kills, not the cover or the unit's heavy armour could save it, as the grape gun got a head shot.

The advance continued, the Junkers were resilient in fending off pulse after pulse from the syntha, even the pointman's massive chain gun failed to slow their advance.

Aquila kills Achilles

Eventually the Junkers had had enough, and out of nowhere the Aquila Decianus charged in, using up both her points of Cal. Her target was the Achilles, and now the Achilles was feeling the pressure. The Aquila charged into close combat with the Achilles and the shield tac, the Syntha had no orders left to re-act with.

The attack was swift and brutal, killing the Commander outright and spreading over the attack to the Tac, which was deflected by the shield. First kill for the Junkers.

Luckily there was no-one left on the Syntha team who cared enough to panic.

Turn 2 Table

Turn 3

The Syntha team, after losing their commander now have a disadvantage to initiative, and as expected loses it.

The turn continues in the same pattern, with the Junkers moving and the Syntha failing to hit, until the Shield Tac in close combat with the Aquila attempt a suicidal attack, the Aquila has a melee weapon so strikes first but fails to damage, the Tac also fails to change the situation, stalemate.

After another Auxilia advanced, the Terratosynth fires its mini-MLRS and got a direct hit on a legionary, the legionary attempted to evade the incoming shot but failed and paid the ultimate price, his cover couldn't save him.

Lictor Charges

The troops carry on advancing and shooting, until the Syntha are out of orders. Left to move were the Lictor and the Aquila in close combat. The Aquila hit the shield tac hard but was deflected by the powerful shield of the Tac and whilst she is dazed by the rebound, the shield tac gets a lucky shot and wounds the Aquila.

The Lictor sees this and can't stand it anymore, so charges the Terratosynth and the tac standing next to him. The Lictor fails to hit, but receives no damage back.

Turn 3 Table

Turn 4

This time the Syntha gained the initiative and elected the Prometheus to activate first, with a huge blast he killed an approaching chain Gunner. Undeterred, the Junkers pass their break point test.

Last Stand Aquila

Next to activate was the other chain gunner who after seeing his friend die was fired up and tried to shoot at the closest tac, before he could, the Tac attempted to shoot him back but failed, and the chain gunner scored two hits but no wounds, understandably the Tacs system goes into shock.

The shield synth in close combat is next, and losing first strike to the Aquila, he manages to dodge her hits. On his hit, he gets another sucker punch and kills the Aquila. This time, what remained of the Junkers force, ran away.

If the Achilles was still alive, he would have been feeling pride for this major victory, but nothing with feelings was still around.

End Table